Well…we’re Young, Dynamic, Fun and basically Your Dream Team! (This…when we’re being modest!)


Our Mission

We come up with accomplishments with constrict of legitimacy. Give our best in terms of evaluating the course of development & accomplishing milestones, setting up the economic plan with architecting a perplexing arrangement for our each and every client. To help people creating some of the efficient and easy to use application/software’s to create a better future for our upcoming generations.

Our Knowledge

Most of people show that they are computer savvy or have a great knowledge but nobody ask them how much experience they have in this field. As Experience can teach more than books and make people more productive. What numbers of them have the experience of taking a shot at the web medium determinedly throughout the previous 10 years? We do. Furthermore, Code Counter is sitting tight for the chance to utilize this experience on your next venture.


Quality Services & Best CRM

We believe in services with good quality of work and to keep maintain a good bond with our clients we created a knowledgeable group of CRMs (Customer Relationship Managers). So, the final delivery of products will be as per user needs and giving equal importance to every single customer.


Global Exposure

We create some of the mission-critical applications and help most of people to shape their dream projects in applications/Software and help them to become E-Entrepreneur and spread their business all over the globe. This can count as reason we become a team of developers supporting people to creating fine products. Almost 80% of our customers are from outside India and doing great by us to be related with different references


Always one step ahead

We always believe in come with some extra mile in terms of advancement & testing to make sure that there will be not any sort of dependencies accomplice. We keep on researching on your business with different sort of objectives. So, that you can digitalize more and can bring that ease in your business in more effective way.

All Solutions under one roof

Creating a milestone from marketing to advanced cloud computing, any sort of your needs can be full fill by code counter by the help of industry experts employees and technical partners who are keep on upgrading their knowledge across all platforms whether it is IOS, Android, Digital Marketing, CRM with some effective ERP with website development who can come across from E-Commerce, Web Portals with some attractive designing. .