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Influencer Relationship Management at a glance

An influencer is someone who people trust and they really listen to what you have to say. Influencers have a strong hold on their audience and can influence them to do or buy something. Brands cooperate with good influencers because they have a big engagement and they can use that as influencers can give them a huge boost.

Influencer Relationship Management at best prices

Code Counter is amongst the leading Indian Static Website designing company in Delhi. Here at code counter we also give planning arrangements and administrations to our unblemished demographics. Kirk Crenshaw, the pioneer of the field defines IRM (influencer relationship management) as a system or strategy for managing influencer interactions, enabling brands to nurture and optimize those interactions into long-term, strategic relationships. To give brands a competitive edge in influencer marketing, IRM aligns influencers along the customer journey, impacting buying decisions at each moment of truth with trustworthy touch points.


Influence Marketeers at Code Counter have in depth experience to deliver you the potential market to identify the indiviuals that have influence over potential customers. They will guide you into creating and sustaing a warm and strong relationship with them.

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